13 February 2014

This Week in Water

We're digging out of a winter storm here in Atlanta. My neighborhood was on the border between an ice storm south and east of here and a snow storm north and west. Ours was a mixture. Don't scoff. South of here they had 1-2 inches of ice on the ground. Tree limbs freeze and fall on power lines, through house roofs, and onto impassible roads. Folks here seemed to learn their lesson from the SnowMG, Snowmageddon, Snopocalypse of two weeks ago and stayed off the roads. Not so much in the Carolinas, north of here. And now the storm is bearing down on the East Coast. We're beginning to thaw, something I suspect won't come so quickly up north.

So, a wintry mix playlist.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I've stayed in Columbus, where we're finally having a warm (over 32!), sunny day.

But I meant to get back to WV a while ago, the weather keeps holding me back. My birds need me!!!

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

for a winter-themed song i really like andy pratt's "deer song" - unfortunately the youtube of that song by itself is unwatchable, but it is the last song, at the 35:59 time mark, on

Andy Pratt-Andy Pratt [Full Album] 1973