22 April 2011

Resurrection: Hippitus Hoppitus

Baseline Forest Carbon Map of the U.S. for the Year 2000

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of its nominal founder from death by Italian crucifiction. Resurrection means, of course, the resurgence or revitalization or revival of something. It's a Spring thing here in the good old Northern Hemisphere. There's a lot dour pessimism about the state of our world—with good reason; to wit: we're running out of energy to fuel our civilization, and what fuel we're using is destroying our climate and our environment. But there're also signs of hope. Resurrection of humanity.

Don't mess with Texas: it's on fire. The worst in recorded history. And it's running out of water. Don't most of the global warming deniers come from Texas, anyway?

A hole in the Antarctic ozone has desiccated Australia.

The more I learn about natural gas, the costlier it seem to get.

As if we didn't know it already, the era of cheap energy is over. Conventional sources, that is.

Though it seems even the trusty old spark plugs may soon go the route of the buggy whip or dinosaur (that's 'Jesus pony' to you fundamentalists) thanks to "lasers".

There are alternatives, though. And they seem to be proliferating. Algae, for instance. And all that wind kicking up those fires in Texas? Not a problem, a solution.

Some suggest that there may be a Moore's law governing the efficiency of solar cells. And that soon we might be using solar cells as conventional windows.

Nuclear fission reactors, one hopes after Fukushima Daiichi, are toast. It's way too soon to rule out fusion, however. Creative problem solving, no? Archaeology of knowledge: wasn't that a title by Foucault?

[Anticipating a Randal Gravesian response to the foregoing, I humbly proffer the following:


In case you were wondering, Easter eggs are the devil's testicles. And here's the story of how the Easter Bunny and painted eggs play in to the overall scheme of Christ's resurrection from the dead: the Hare Club for men. Not here or here.

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