15 November 2015

Meat Pies, Cicadas, Turkeys, Diwali

Fine fare at Highlands Games 
Green Cicada 
A Rafter of Heritage Turkeys
Wing Clipping
Me, in an Art Installation at the Atlanta Contemporary
Diwali Mural in Front of the Local Mandir
White Marble Mandir All Lit Up 
Fireworks + Light Show
The Temple All Lit Up

I shot the two videos below at the Diwali celebration last night at the local BAPS Mandir in the suburbs of Atlanta. The first is the initial chant, the second about a minute of music and fireworks and light show. Amazing celebration of the New Year.


  1. speaking of pies, i have read that, historically speaking, the meat pie precedes the fruit pie

    a hybrid - the mince pie - is now almost always non-meat (here in the states, at least)- a relatively brief survey of prepared "mincemeat" products does not find one with actual meat in it - if you want this you must prepare it yourself, it seems

    and speaking of "turkeys" - the vegan "tofurky" product is delicious - at our house we will be having it again this year (trader joe's brand, but almost certainly prepared at the turtle island factory)

  2. Good to know it's Diwali. I usually go to a local Indian restaurant to celebrate.