28 August 2015

I'm Back

And I have pics! Enjoy.

(click pics to embiggen slide show)

Is it me, or does the Red River seem dry?
Narrow band of green + parched land around the Colorado River
Leaving the continent. Hurricane Delores lurking out at sea.
Why isn't your airplane painted like a salmon?
Iconic view of Diamondhead from Waikiki
Honolulu from Diamondhead with western mountains as backdrop. (Because it was there)
The East-West Institute at UH at Manoa 
Stand of rare yellow bamboo
I have no idea what this portends. (Above Kailua)
For your Japanese bluegrass listening pleasure
Searing my mackerel sashimi at Izakaya Naru
Humuhumunukunuku─üpua'a, (Try saying that. No Singing. See below.) aka Hawaiian Reef Trigger fish: the beautiful State Fish
Scorpionfish, also seen while diving off Oahu. There were some cool white-tipped reef sharks and large sea turtles there, too!
How do you say swimming pool in Hawaiian? Waimea Valley, North Shore, Oahu
Farewell Indian feast at Cafe Maharani, our favorite.

[Sorry about that, folks. Maybe this will get that saccharine taste out of your mouth.]

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