23 May 2012

It's Always Fishy in the ATL

If your travels ever bring you to fair Terminus, may I suggest you pay a visit to perhaps my favorite commercial establishment of ever: Atlanta Water Gardens. [The former original Fountains of Wayne, I feel you.] Below are some pics from my annual Mother's Day trek there with Wisdoc to replenish the goldfish and tadpoles in our pond:

Big Bamboo 

Kermit contemplating Eternity, its worth 
Don't be so Koi

Lily pads
Grotto: If you wanna' build it, they will come

Hello Kitty!
Goldfish: Bought six smaller versions of these
Penis. Also too Gargoyles and Ape.
I kinda' wish I had a place to put this
♫ "Smoke on the water..." ♪

For all your garden gnome needs 
This may yet find a place in my home. Feng Shui don'tcha' know.
2001 Fountain [Recognize the jacket?]

My pondage: If you look closely you can see 3 or 4 of our beauties, thumb notwithstanding


  1. We went on a trek to a place called Lilypons, back when my family was us three kids in the back seat and mom and dad up front.

    This was my mom's idea, and as it happened, was in March or early April. It took us forever to find the place...and it was closed for the winter.

    (Like the Griswolds and Wally World.) Poor mom was tormented with "Lilypons!" for the rest of her days.

  2. Feng Shui? Try sacrificial altar. You stupids with a flare gun ain't fooling me, man.